hauseigentümerverband partnersuche Fees and Practicalities DISCUSSING WHAT YOU NEED:'A If you are a young person or group of young people, you may need to speak with an adult you can trust to talk with you about how to get the support you need through the Recognise Project. That adult may be able to speak with us to set about arranging to meet.

trading online recensione di libero If you are a supporting adult,  the first step would be to get in touch on the phone. Click on the “Contact” page of the website, and this will lead to a phone conversation about what you are looking for.

enter Once we have established what might be needed, we can look at agreeing a fee.

source url FEES:

  • Counselling sessions, Mentoring, Advocacy and Independent Living Skills are charged at £35-£40 an hour (something we can talk about and agree together).
  • Groupwork can vary in cost, depending on the length of the course required and the number of individuals in the group. Groups of 5 can be seen at £40 for an hour session for example (averaging at £8 per individual).
  • Professional Advisory Services are priced according to what is required. A quotation will be offered following a conversation regarding the details. If there are travelling costs incurred, these will need to be added to the fee.