strategie opzioni digitali grafico a candela AdvocacyAdvocacy is a process whereby an individual (or siblings, or a group) explore their thoughts and feelings about an issue with an “impartial” adult (that is an adult who has no vested interest or bias). The adult then assists those people/ that person to formulate their thoughts and feelings clearly and to communicate them to whoever needs to hear them. Advocacy is often needed for a whole variety of situations, for example:
  • When arrangements for family time with children are being worked through, and a child or younger person’s voice can get lost amongst all the feelings of the adults around them.
  • When siblings are experiencing a change in family circumstances (such as parents separating or a bereavement), and they need somewhere to explore their changing needs.
  • When a group of children or young people feel strongly about something and want to get together to express their thoughts and feelings.
  • When an individual needs support to express their truth to their family or care-givers.