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go Childhood is often talked about in a rosy haze; as a joyful time from start to finish. Of course, this is rarely the case for any of us! When we are children, we are very sensitive to the world around us, but don’t yet have the language we need, or the years of experience to be able to say how things are for us. By using creative means of expression with a counsellor, and with the help of objects, artwork, movement, music, as well as talking…..children will be able to work through whatever is proving difficult for them, and in the process, find language for some of that experience.  

follow Young People opcje binarne trader COUNSELLING WITH YOUNG PEOPLE Young people are in a process of discovering who they are in a very fundamental sense. Adolescence is also a time when we separate ourselves from other people (particularly our family) in order to take control of our own lives. It is an exciting time, and ideally should be dynamic, but not traumatic. Counselling can be a real light in the dark for young people who are struggling either on a private level within themselves, or in a more systemic sense, amongst others. Sometimes young people are concerned about feeling embarrassed or awkward when trying counselling. Often they might feel unsure of what to say, or how to use the counselling time.  This is something which is totally normal to feel, but by the end of the first session, they may have found the time quite enjoyable.  If someone doesn’t feel like talking about something, a counsellor won’t push them to talk. It is a totally confidential space and it is up to each individual to choose how to use it.

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