get link Group workWhen children or young people are going through the same experiences or struggling with the same issues, there is nothing quite as fantastic as groupwork to support them. One of the main reasons for this, is that when the group session is over, they are still around one another, and able to support and understand each other. Empathy between children and young people is a powerful and transformative force- and group work provides a platform for this to happen.

rencontre ligne 9†r/ Groups can be created based on need, and will be able to be tailored to suit the focus issues. Some of the following issues have been found to be very successfully supported in group work, and groups of this kind are able to be established:
  • Self Harm Support
  • Stress Management
  • Shared Bereavement Support (such as following the death of a friend or member of a school/college community)
  • Living with Family Health problems
  • Autistic Spectrum Support
  • Safer Relationships
  • Understanding Anger