Orlistat 120 mg order on line One-to-one Support & Mentoring Many younger people have a lot going on in their lives and may struggle to manage their stress and anxiety about getting it all done to a standard they are happy about. This can be one reason for seeking some extra support.


go to site Some may really struggle with their confidence. They may have experienced bullying, had a lot of changes in their lives, or may have had to deal with health problems or family difficulties for example. All sorts of factors can have a major impact on our confidence as people- and this is when mentoring may be really helpful.

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get link Other young people may have something very particular that they are working on improving. In this case, having somebody who knows you well and can regularly check-in with you about how you are doing can be really helpful.

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click One-to-one Support and Mentoring can take place in a regular meeting place, or it can be various locations within the community. Coffee shops, Youth Centres and Schools can all provide spaces which can work really well.

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